Ba Kelalan

Approximately 2,000 apple trees grow well here in fertile land of Ba’ Kelalan, Lawas, Sarawak, owned by Tagal Paran, 74, or better known as Pak Tagal on a 10 hectare estate in Kampung Buduk Nur. The cold weather in Ba’ Kelalan really suits the apple plantation and they are growing well despite many say that he is wasting his time and it is impossible to achieve. Even when Pak Tagal’s younger brother, Andrew Balang brought back 20 apple trees through Singapore from Batu Malang, Indonesia, he was asked by a bemused custom officer, “Can apples grow here?” At present, Pak Tagal’s apple estate is located on a highland at the end of the airport. Ba’ Kelalan frequently receives outside visitors who want to taste the deliciousness Ba’ Kelalan’s apples – the one and only high quality apples in Malaysia, at par with imported ones.

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