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Engkilili has a small town which is administered by the Office of Daerah Kecil Engkilili. The latter is the sole office in the district of Lubok Antu and one of the three offices that can be found in the Sri Aman division. Believed to have operated since the 1950s, the office is located atop a hill at Jalan Selindong and faces the Batang Lupar River. The office building is an old rest house that used to belong to the British and known to the locals as a bungalow. The small office is responsible for the management of the various rural projects and the appointment of the community leaders, tribal heads and the Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK).

As indicated in the latest record (April 2010) from the Office of Daerah Kecil Engkilili, there has been an increase in the number of Iban long house settlement in Engkilili to 198, six Chinese settlement and a Malay village. Engkilili encompass an area of 1,715 square kilometres.

The town of Engkilili is about 35 kilometres from Bandar Sri Aman and 60 kilometres from the town of Lubok Antu. The availability of various types of businesses, shopping centre, health clinic, infrastructural facilities and paved road network linking the surrounding areas have led to the changes in Engkilili today. Among the villages that can be found in Engkilili are Kampung Melayu, Kampung Merio Nanga, Kampung Batu Angus, Kampung Marup Baruh, Kampung Marup Atas, Kampung Selindung Ulu, Selindung Ili, Kampung Bua, Kampung Merbong, Kampung Jelukong, Kampung Sungai Keroh, Kampung Mawang, Kampung Stuga and more. About 90 percent of the Ibans reside in Engkilili and most of them have made agriculture as the main resource.

Kampung Merio Nanga, Kampung Angus and Kampung Melayu are the three settlements closest to Engkilili. In fact, Merio Nanga is located opposite Pekan Engkilili. They are separated by the Batang Lupar stream which can be crossed within a few minutes by using the hanging bridge. Aside from being a pedestrian walk, the hanging bridge is used by light vehicles such as bicyclists and motorcyclists, too. Kampung Batu Angus is located downstream of Pekan Engkilili and can be reached within one or two minutes by car. On the other hand, Kampung Melayu which is located upstream of Pekan Engkilili can be reached within 10 minutes by motorcycle.

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