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Native Customary Rights (NCR) Lands

The Land and Survey Department (JTS), Sri Aman Division has began working on measuring Native Customary Rights lands in Kampung Bukong, Engkilili on last 20 September, 2011. It is the first area in Sri Aman to be measured under the New NCR Initiative. The mesuring works will take about 21 days to be completed involving an area of about 454 hectares owned by residents of longhouses in the said area. According to Majuan Jeraie, Superintandant of the Land and Survey Department, Sri Aman Division, the works will involve 50 residents of Bukong, Skandis and Danau longhouses in Engkilili with the aim of determining the boundaries of the individual NCR lands.

He further explained once maesurement works have been completed,  the NCR lands will then be gazetted as a Bumiputera Common User Reserve under Section 6 of the State Land Code and documents pertaning to the gazette will be kept at the said department as well as the Land Office, Sri Aman. A copy of the gazette will also be given to the local community chief as proof that the NCR lands in Kampung Bukong have been measured and owned by the community in the said area. It has been made to understand that the ownership of NCR lands that have been gazetted will be administered under the laws of the customs of the individual community. In other words, matters pertaining to the purchase, transfer, transmission of rights and privileges of the land concerned will governed by the laws of the customs of the said community. In addition  to that, owners of the lands will be able to know in the event that the lands are being encroached illegally as the boundaries are clearly demarcated.

Majuan also added that works to measure NCR lands will be continued until the end of the 10th Malaysia Development Plan (RMK-10) that is, until end of the 2015. The objective is to ensure that all NCR lands in Sarawak have been measured and owners receive the ownership documents as an assurance that the said NCR lands belong to them. Reacting to the announcement prior to the occasion, Pawi anak Lamoh, Tuai Rumah (Tr) of Kampung Danau, Engkilili expressed his gratitude to the Barisan Nasional government and the Land and Survey Department (JTS) for  making the request of the issue of measuring NCR lands a reality which will guarantee the future of the treasures of their ancestors. (KK7: 20 October, 2010)

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