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A total of seven longhouses in Ulu Skrang, Engkilili had received the provision for Minor Rural Projects (MRP) amounting to RM45,500 in June 2011. The MRP cheque presentation ceremony was executed by William Nyalau Badak, Lubok Antu Member of Parliament, at Dudong longhouse, Murad in Daerah Kecil Engkilili. The seven longhouses involved were Anggang Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK), Mejong which received RM10,000; Tr Women Bureau, Ambon, Emperan received RM2,000; Sawing JKKK, Merutih had RM2,500; Chungat JKKK, Tebat received RM4,000; Gait JKKK, Keranggas received RM10,000; Sandin JKKK, Belaie also received RM10,000 and RM7,000 was reserved for Sigan JKKK, Nanga Pelo. At the same time, William Nyalau Badak and Dr Johnnical Rayong Ngipa, Engkilili State Assemblyman, also presented house repair contributions valued at RM224,000 to 448 families from 25 longhouses around Ulu Skrang.

Each family received RM500.00 for the renovation of their houses. Prior to this, a total of 281 families from 17 longhouses around Skrang Resettlement Scheme had received an allocation worth RM140,500 from the government. In the meantime, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment also contributed RM500.00 to 36 families of Rumah Isau, Gelong who were left penniless due to fire. Meanwhile, the PESAKA Bumiputera Bersatu Party (PBB) Engkilili Branch had also contributed RM2,000 to the fire victims. The donations were presented by Richard Tawan, PBB Engkilili Branch Deputy Chief, to the Tuai Rumah Isau. (Last Update: 25 August 2011 – By: Zanariah Abdullah)

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