Numerous Occupational Income Sources

Depending on the location and distribution pattern of the races in Engkilili, each of them conducts their economic activity separately. For example, the Ibans choose the foothills or the interior as their settlement location and conduct agricultural activities on a commercial basis such as cultivating paddy, rubber, fruit trees and vegetables. They are engaged in traditional occupations such as fishing, hunting and so forth as well.

Most of the crops that are cultivated on a commercial basis are sold in Pekan Engkilili or marketed through middlemen in the districts of Lubok Antu, Sri Aman or other places. The Chinese, on the other hand, choose to live in the town area and operate business activities such as eateries, sundry shops, clothing outlets and more. As for the Malay community, some of them make agriculture as their main source of income while the other chooses business activities. As the employment sector in Engkilili is quite limited, quite a number of the younger generation has migrated to other places either within the state, Sabah or Peninsular Malaysia to earn a living.

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