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Monitoring Of Tagang Projects By RELA

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is planning to hold discussions with the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding the appointment of the People’s Volunteer Corps (RELA) team as the “police” to oversee the smooth operations of the state’s Tagang projects. According to the proposal, the RELA team would monitor rivers that had undergone the Tagang process to ensure they are free from fishing activities by the residents. The announcement was made by YB Dato Sri Douglas Uggah anak Embas, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, in his opening speech during the Merarau Ceremony held in conjunction with the Futsal Competition Closing and Karaoke Competition organised by Lubok Antu RELA at Skim Skrang Hall in Engkilili on 20 December 2010.

Unlike Sarawak, Sabah residents who were caught invading rivers that had undergone the Tagang process (also known as tagal in Sabah) would be penalised according to custom. As such, the roles played by the RELA teams were important. The absence of these efforts would render the Tagang process to be ineffective in breeding aquatic life due to fishing activities by the locals. In order to ascertain the effectiveness of the proposal, the government had chosen Engkilili as the first district to benefit from the use of RELA personnel to monitor rivers that have undergone the Tagang process in the future.

Earlier, the Honourable Minister had announced an allocation of RM20,000 for Lubok Antu District RELA team and RM5,000 for the purchase of new uniforms. Also present at the ceremony were YB William Nyalau Badak, Lubok Antu Member of Parliament; YB Dr Johnnical Rayong anak Ngipa, Engkilili State Assemblyman; Jack Aman Luat, Lubok Antu District Officer; and Lieutenant Colonel (RELA) Silon anak Janda, Lubok Antu District RELA Officer. (Last Update: 22 December 2010)

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