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Farming and Plantation
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Agriculture Increases Income

In the Engkilili’s area, there are many types of crops that can be seen around the small town and in the nearby villages. The activities of an oil palm plantation in Kampung Merindun are fully monitored by Lembaga Perancangan Dan Pemulihan Tanah Sarawak (SALCRA). The people here also cultivate hill rice to cater to the needs of their families. There are many rice fields along the road and they provide beautiful panoramas.

Besides rice, seasonal fruit trees like the Rambutan, Durian and Cempedak are also planted by some of the villagers. The people make use of the land surrounding their house to cultivate fruit trees like Jambu Air and Nangka.

Normally, during the fruit season, the Durian, Rambutan and Cempedak will be bought by the middlemen from Kuching, and are also sold by the roadside. The average income of the agricultural sector in the Engkilili’s area is hard to ascertain because the people in this area only involve themselves in this sector as to get a supplementary income.

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