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Delicious Engkilili’s Durian

The residents of Pekan Engkilili, especially durian lovers, have always looked forward to the durian season. The durians here are famed for their delicious taste and size. Usually, the residents of Pekan Engkilili would purchase the durians at the pasar tamu which operates daily. Some of the residents operate small durian stalls along the road leading to Pekan Engkilili. Most often, the opportunity to purchase cheap and fresh durians would be taken by the public who uses the road. They can purchase three to four medium-sized durians at RM10.00 only. Besides that, they can haggle over the price and choose the durians themselves. They can enjoy eating the fruits, there and then.

The fruit wholesalers also prefer to purchase durians for resale elsewhere from farmers at Pekan Engkilili. Most often, the farmers are satisfied with their lucrative earnings during every fruit season. They would spend the night at the orchard to collect and gather the fruits. In this way, they can maintain the freshness of the fruits besides preventing the fruits from being stolen. Among the farmers who sell durians at Pekan Engkilili are villagers from Kampung Empelam, Kampung Meriyo Nanga and Kampung Sungai Keroh. (Last update: 22 December 2009)


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