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Benefits The People

The implementation of Rural Electrification Scheme (RES) Project will continue to be improved especially in the interior of Engkilili. According to YB Dr Johnnical Rayong, Engkilili State Assemblyman, allocations of RM1,756,843 to RES has been made by the government at several locations such as Rumah Karak, Rumah Ungin and Rumah Ameh in Setengin, Lubok Antu in 2011. In fact, a special provision of RM3,613,325.44 is made for its implementation at Rumah Mujan, Rumah Murad and Rumah Ripong along Murad Road. Meanwhile, residents at Skrang Road, Pelasok, Engkilili, Rumah Empading, Bunu and Rumah Pais, Skrang will benefit from RES following an allocation of RM2,516,173.15. The facilities have long been awaited by the people and its implementation is considered as the realisation of a dream.

According to Johnnical, the residents will be able to enjoy a 24-hour supply of electricity upon the full completion of RES. He will continue his efforts to acquire provisions from relevant authorities to ensure the availability of RES to the people. This is proof of the government’s concern for the needs of the people who are confronted with various problems related to basic amenities. Indirectly, it supports the rural development process to be in line with a change in image. As such, he encouraged the residents of Engkilili to take advantage of the amenities provided by the government so as to raise their standard of living especially in rural areas. (Last Update: 5 April 2011)

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