Grey Oyster Mushroom Entrepreneur

There is a Petronas petrol station in Pekan Pua which is run by an entrepreneur named Kua. He starts his business with an initial capital of RM100 thousand in 2002. Apart from his petrol station, there are a number of smaller petrol stations operating in other villages that provide petrol and diesel to vehicles such as buses, lorries, motorcycles and cars. Besides that, a few of the Chinese and Malay residents operate eateries or restaurants in Pekan Engkilili. Most of the residents are quite familiar with Malaysia’s local dishes such as fried noodles and Mee Jawa. Most of the restaurants and eateries in Pekan Engkilili are constructed based on the shop house concept.

Apart from this, the government has been proactive and made various efforts to produce more local entrepreneurs. For example, State Assemblyman Yang Berhormat (YB) Dr Johnical Rayong Anak Ngipa had officiated the launching of the Grey Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Project on a commercial basis in 2009. In order to ensure the success of the project, YB Dr Johnical had launched the Koperasi Bela Rakyat (KOBERA) on 31 October 2009 at Skrang Skim Multipurpose Hall. Meanwhile, the Eastern Agrotech Company is assigned the role as purchaser of the cultivated mushrooms. In fact, the mushroom cultivation will create not only an active downstream industry in the village but more entrepreneurs in Engkilili as well.

In addition, the maturity period for mushrooms is short, about one week to 60 days. Considering that the market price for one kilogramme of mushroom has reached RM19.00, the use of five thousand large blocks for mushroom cultivation will produce a monthly income of RM2,000.00. It is the role of the Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) to encourage the participation of the villagers en masse in order to make the cultivation a success.

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