Kuala Linggi
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Importance Of Religious Knowledge


oman represents the root and strength of a family. It can be represented by the proverb “the hand that rocks the cradle is also able to shake the world”. That is how important the role of women can be, in making sure their children are educated in order to be a capable leader in the coming future.

Besides being responsible as a mother, women in Kuala Linggi also emphasise on religious matters. Most of their mornings are spent attending religious classes at Darul Maghfira where Al-Quran classes, tajwid knowledge, Fardu Ain, nasyid and marhaban activities are carried out.

Darul Maghfirah is a religious institution constructed at the front of the teacher’s house. A disabled, Tuan Haji Rahmat Haji Ali Tenaga uses his religious knowledge to preach to the residents of Kuala Linggi.

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