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Kuala Linggi Kayak Challenge

The 2012 Kuala Linggi Institute of Higher Learning (IHL )- Ministry of Higher Education (MOE) Sungai Melaka Kayak Challenge was held at the estuary of the Sungai Umbai in September 2012. The challenge was held in conjunction with the Merdeka Tour starting from 12 to 16 September 2012 with up to five categories. Among the contested categories were Mixed Doubles, Nobis Men's Doubles (BLN), Nobis Women's Doubles (BWN), Elite Women's Team (BWE) and Elite Men's Doubles (BLE). The Kuala Linggi Kayak Challenge IPT-KPT Sungai Melaka 2012 was held in collaboration with the Community College of Masjid Tanah, Community College of Tangga Batu and the Department of Community Colleges. The five day challenge offered a total prize of RM20, 600.

The Elite Men's Doubles category was participated by a total of 16 participants. The challenge was executed by the Chairman of the State Transport, Information and Consumer Unity, YB Datuk Ghazale Muhamad. During the event, the participants began from the mouth and head to the Big Island next to Marina Square of Sungai Melaka covering a distance of 15 kilometers. The second day saw all 35 participants made ​​up of university students across Malacca competed in the Nobis Men's Doubles category.  Both their physical and mental endurance were tested during the challenge. Although the distance was only 15 kilometers, to reach the finish line required a lot of energy. The kayaking experience is something new gained by most participants and they hoped that the tournament would be continued in the future. (KK16: 20 September 2012)

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