Kuala Linggi
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The City That Used To Be Colonised

The name “Kuala Linggi” was derived from a river’s name. It is due to the village location at Kuala Sungai Linggi that it is named Kampung Sungai Linggi. Strategically located in an area capable of monitoring the incoming and outgoing river traffic in the past, a fort was built at Kampung Kuala Linggi.

Kota Kuala Linggi was a fort on the summit of Bukit Supai (Sepoy’s Hill). It was built by the Dutch and Bugis soldiers as a sign of peace after the war which had taken place in 1756 until 1757. Besides being known as “Supai Fort”, it was also known as For Filiphina, after the name of the Dutch Governor’s daughter at that time.

Based on history, the agreement between the Dutch and Bugis soldiers took place on 1st January 1758. This agreement empowered the Dutch control over the Linggi area and the tin trading. The square shaped fort was erected from an arrangement of laterite stones. For defence, a semi circle was made at each corner of the fort where cannons were placed.

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