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Adat Perpatih and Temenggong

Kuala Linggi Bridge can be said as a divider or border between Negeri Sembilan and Melaka. By crossing the Kuala Linggi Bridge it means that one has reached Melaka, the Historical State. Kuala Linggi is situated in the District of Alor Gajah, beside a few sub districts and small towns such as Kuala Linggi, Kuala Sungai Baru and Masjid Tanah.

In Negeri Sembilan, the Adat Perpatih is practised, but Melaka, which is famous for its history and the brave Hang Tuah, made Adat Temenggong the official custom. However, in Kuala Linggi, there is also the Minangkabau society because of its location which is next to Negeri Sembilan.

About a few years ago, before the existence of the bridge that links Port Dickson and Kuala Linggi, perahu tambang (boat taxi) became the main transport that connects the village with the areas in Negeri Sembilan. When the Kuala Linggi Bridge was constructed around the 1990’s, roads became the main means of transportation.

Interestingly in Kuala Linggi, there are a few historical incidences that can be associated with paranormal activities. Here, there is a fort at the summit of Bukit Supai, constructed by the of Dutch and Bugis soldiers as a peace treaty between the two parties in 1756-1657. According to the agreement, the Dutch was given power in the area of Linggi and monopoly in the tin trading.

The Kuala Linggi Rural Library is located in the Kuala Linggi Town. Its building is located in between rows of houses along Kuala Linggi Street. If you come across the Kuala Linggi Rural Library sign board, it means that you have reached there.

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