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Diversity in Kuala Linggi

Kuala Linggi which is located about 40 kilometers from the city of Melaka has undergone various changes and developments in line with the change of time. Port Supai is located within the Kuala Linggi Assembly and is one of the landmarks that have a story of its own history. The historical legacy located at the top of Bukit Supai served as a military fortress of the Dutch and Bugis built as a sign of peace to the war that took place between 1756 and 1757. As Kuala Linggi has become more developed, the living standards of population also changed dramatically. The everyday life of the people also became much easier with a wide range of facilities provided including water and electricity supply.

At the same time, Kuala Linggi also has its own tourism products, such as the Linggi River which is famous for lobsters and a variety of river fish such as Senangin, Lampam, Catfish, and Serkot. In addition, a new recreation park with its own unique features known as Taman Lokan was also discovered near the river. The popularity of grilled fish dishes in this area is not something new among the fans, some of the most famous are the Medan Ikan Bakar Terapung Kuala Sungai Baru and Port Supai, which provides a variety of fresh grilled seafood dishes like sea bass, snapper, squid, mussels and prawns. Meanwhile, the Paya Marine Park is one of the mangrove forest ecotourism products which are equipped with accommodation, walking treks and sightseeing tower .

Not only famous as a tourist attraction, the Kuala Linggi Port will be developed into a maritime hub of the Malacca Strait. So far, the port offers an international standard of ship to ship (STS) service for liquid cargo industry, the first in Malaysia. Through the concept of STS, the ships that went through the Straits of Malacca would just have to stop at the Linggi International Floating Transshipment Hub (LIFT Hub) for the transfer process before proceeding to other locations. Efforts will be made to make the port one of the busiest. Indirectly, with various development that occurred will open up more job opportunities for local people in improving their living standards. Do not miss the opportunity to explore the privileges and various interesting matters during your visit to Kuala Linggi. (KK14: 16 April 2012)

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