Kuala Linggi
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Prepared To Serve

Basic amenities and public facilities are the main lifeline of a community. The area of Kuala Linggi is well-equipped with facilities and infrastructures. Each house at Kuala Linggi is provided with electricity and water supply. Also, the local residents enjoy other facilities such as 2 satellite phones located at the front of Kuala Linggi Rural Library.

Amongst the public facilities that are provided here include a mosque, a musolla and a school besides a multipurpose hall for the residents to hold functions or activities. In front of the multipurpose hall is a court used by the village youths to play sepak takraw and badminton in the evening. Also provided is a football field near the Kuala Linggi Multipurpose Hall. Every evening, the field will be filled with children and youth from 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm.

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