Ba Kelalan
Surrounding Areas

Settlement On A Highland

Kampung Buduk Nur which is well known for its apple plantation, owned by a local, Tagal Paran, 74, or better known as Pak Tagal, is not the sole village in Ba’ Kelalan. Long Langai, Long Lemutut, Long Ritan, Long Rusu, Pa Tawing and Buduk Bui are among nine villages surrounding Ba’ Kelalan. They are far from traffic hassle, have limited communication with the outside world and water supply derive from the streams, are part and parcel for the residents here. It is suitable for those who want to have a calm and peaceful village holiday.

The residents of Ba’ Kelalan are very warm and friendly. They help each other and cooperate in every communal activities held. It is something unique to know that they even manage the local air strip, taking care of the surrounding in order to maintain Ba’ Kelalan’s identity while welcoming outsiders with a sweet smile.

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