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Buffalo Rearing Is Compulsory

A part from the apple orchard, Ba’kelalan is also famous as a livestock area of buffalo. Kading Sultan is one of breeders of buffalo. He has three bulls and a number of female buffalo. The buffalo are value assets to the residents of Ba’kelalan as the animals are used to haul logs from the forest. During the night, the buffalo are left in an enclosure built by the owners located at the fringe of the forest. The enclosure designates the area and ownership of the buffalo. The animals feed on grass which is easily available around the village and the nearby forest.

According to Kading Sultan, a father of three children belonging to the Murut Lunbawang community, the buffalo originally belonged to his father, Sultan Libang. However, old age had prevented his father from continuing to breed the animals. His father started with a bull that he bought from a breeder in Ba’kelalan at RM1,000. The animal was allowed to mate with female buffalo belonging to his relatives. Soon, calves were born and the number of buffalos multiplied. Apart from using the buffalos to assist the family in menial labour and own consumption, buffalo that are five years old and above are sold at Pekan Lawas. Currently, the price of an adult buffalo is around RM1,500. (Last Update: 15 December, 2009)

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