Ba Kelalan

CBL 316, Therapy for Cancer

A health finding not only makes Ba’ Kelalan proud, but also Sarawak and Malaysia. Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister, Tan Sri Dr. George Chan Hong Nam has made a statement that a type of tree that can be found at Ba’ Kelalan can produce a remedy for cancer disease in human body. The tree is considered to be classified under langsat (local fruit) family with the scientific name of Algaria. It can cure many cancer diseases including breast cancer, leukaemia, prostate and brain tumour.

According to Dr. George Chan, the state government has been cooperating with the scientists from Australia to develop and patent the remedy since 2004 and it is called CBL 316 for cancer therapy. Furthermore, the research on the remedy taken from the tree in Ba’ Kelalan has also come under study by the scientists in United State National Cancer Institution. The Ohio University Health Centre in United States is cooperating with Sarawak State Government to develop the chronic lymphatic leukaemia (CLL) medicine.

The success of the finding has proven that Sarawak has rich biodiversity sources including the remedy that was found from Bintagar tree previously. Therefore, based on the information, these findings will be recorded in the hospitals’ inventories in Malaysia as well as the entire world in 10 years of time.

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