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Upgrading Roads

All the residents of Ba’kelalan had benefitted from the completion of the road upgrading project connecting Long Luping-Ba’kelalan last year. The 75-kilometre road upgrading project under the Jiwa Murni Programme Project had entailed a cost of RM60 million. It was undertaken by 40 members of the Royal Engineers Regiment (RAJD) who camped at Ba’kelalan in order to go to the project site to build the bridge on a daily basis. The Ba’kelalan programme was undertaken in two phases. The first phase was the construction of four Bailey bridges to replace log bridges while the second phase involved upgrading of roadwork immediately after completion of the bridges’ construction.

The road upgrading project would not only facilitate the closer integration between residents in the two areas but also boost economic growth and socio-economic activities of the local communities. For decades, Ba’kelalan residents working outside the district had to encounter numerous challenges to return to their hometown. Now, the long-time dream of the people had become a reality with the opening of the paved road which would also facilitate communication facilities. In essence, it proved that the government is sensitive to the needs of the people that have been faced with various problems related to public facilities for a long time. (Last Update: 13 April 2011)

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