Ba Kelalan

Ba’ Kelalan Knowledge Hub

The Ba’ Kelalan Primary School or Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Ba’ Kelalan, which provides six years of formal education from year one, is the knowledge hub for the children of Ba’ Kelalan. The school building that was made of wood looks cheerful and fresh especially with the voluntary construction of the small huts of various shapes by the teachers and the local residents. The teachers and the residents have shown their concern on the importance of perfect education for the kids by cleaning and taking care of the school environment.

Hostels are provided for the students especially those who live far from Ba’ Kelalan Primary School. As a result of distance and transportation problem, the students early as primary one to primary six stay in the hostels. They are trained to live separately from their family for the sake of seeking knowledge and indirectly instilled the independence spirit in them. Usually, siblings are share the same room for the purpose of creating a family lifestyle among them

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