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Allocation For Minor Rural Projects (MRP)

Residents of the Engkilili State Constituency stand to benefit due to the implementation of various Mini Rural Projects (MRP). The State Assemblyman for Engkilili, YB Dr Johnical Rayong Ngipa handed the Mini Rural Project grant amounting to RM368,000 to a number of Village Development and Security Committees (JKKK) and associations in his constituency. The occasion was held on 6 June 2010, during the Gawai Dayak with the State Assemblyman organised by the Gaie@Maing Lidong Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) at the Ski Skrang Community Hall. According to YB Dr Rayong, the grant was the amount allocated to him to date and the balance will be given at a later date. He hoped the Village Development and Security Committees (JKKK) and associations that have received the grant would utilise it for the benefit of their longhouses and villages.

YB Dr Rayong further added that the multi racial communities living in the rural areas have benefitted as most of the development projects have been implemented as a result of their unity and it is also a proof that the state government under the leadership of YAB Pehin Seri Abdul Taib Mahmud as the Chief Minister, is sensitive to the needs of the people. If the multiracial community in the state do not maintain their unity and close relationship, the government will not be able to implement development projects and they will lose out. Hence, he urged them to maintain the unity and harmonious relationship so that they will be able to give full cooperation to the government in order to speed up the development of the state. (KK5: 10 June, 2010)

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