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Bitter Engkilili Fruits

The history of Engkilili is based on the Engkilili trees that grew wildly on the banks of Sungai Batang Ai. The village used to be quite far from a town or city. The river was used by the villagers as the route for the purchase of their daily necessities at the market. The constant sight of the trees in their daily travel up and down the river resulted in the area being named after the tree. Most interestingly, these trees can be found in Lubok Antu only.

The Engkilili tree can grow on land or in the river. In realising the importance of the Engkilili tree to the village history, both the Lubok Antu District Council and Daerah Kecil Engkilili Office had planted the trees at the main entrance as the village landmark. The Engkilili tree can reach a height of 20 to 30 metres with yellowish-green leaves that are 30 centimetres long and seven centimetres wide. Similar to the grapes, the fruits are bunched together with 30 in each bunch. They are reddish in colour and each fruit has a circumference of three to five centimetres. Unlike the grapes, the Engkilili fruits taste bitter.

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