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Benefits The People

The implementation of Rural Electrification Scheme (RES) Project will continue to be improved especially in the interior of Engkilili. According to YB Dr Johnnical Rayong, Engkilili State Assemblyman, allocations of RM1,756,843 to RES has been made by the government at several locations such as Rumah Karak, Rumah Ungin and Rumah Ameh in Setengin, Lubok Antu in 2011. In fact, a special provision of RM3,613,325.44 is made for its implementation at Rumah Mujan, Rumah Murad and Rumah Ripong along Murad Road. Meanwhile, residents at Skrang Road, Pelasok, Engkilili, Rumah Empading, Bunu and Rumah Pais, Skrang will benefit from RES following an allocation of RM2,516,173.15. The facilities have long been awaited by the people and its implementation is considered as the realisation of a dream.

According to Johnnical, the residents will be able to enjoy a 24-hour supply of electricity upon the full completion of RES. He will continue his efforts to acquire provisions from relevant authorities to ensure the availability of RES to the people. This is proof of the governmentís concern for the needs of the people who are confronted with various problems related to basic amenities. Indirectly, it supports the rural development process to be in line with a change in image. As such, he encouraged the residents of Engkilili to take advantage of the amenities provided by the government so as to raise their standard of living especially in rural areas. (Last Update: 5 April 2011)

Projects To Develop Engkilili Actively Implemented

The government is actively implementing various projects in Engkilili covering roads, electricity and water supply for the benefit of the residents. According to YB Dr Johnnical Rayong Ngipa, among the projects being implemented are the upgrading of roads covering a distance of two kilometres from the Pan Borneo Highway to Nanga Bunu, Skrang as well as the construction of the three-kilometre Lidong-Lipat road. The government has also began works in providing 24 hours electricity supply to a number of longhouses under the Rural Electric Supply (BELB) project. Among the areas covered by the project are Ulu Skrang, Semanjo, Nibong, Titok, Gelung, Beranggang and Merio. He was reported to have made the statement to the media after attending †a luncheon with members of the Parent Teacherís Association (PTA) of Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Nanga Entalau in Ulu Skrang, Engkilili on last 1 October, 2010. The occasion was also attended by YB William Nyalau Badak, Member of Parliament for Lubok Antu.

He further announced that a number of longhouse within the State Constituency (DUN) of Engkilili namely, Semanju, Sebeliau, Pentik, Batu Lapan and Semuah will soon be enjoying clean water supply under the National Key Result Area (NKRA) development plan. The project to provide clean water supply in the said areas was understood to have been completed recently. He added that the residents will be enjoying more development if they continue to give their support to the †government. YB Dr Johnnical Rayong Nipa also announced an allocation of RM5,000 under the Rural Small Project Allocation (MRP) to the Parent Teacherís Association (PTA) of SK Nanga Entalau. (KK7: 20 October, 2010)

Complete With Facilities

There are two children playgrounds supervised by the Lubok Antu District Council about two kilometres from Pekan Engkilili. Also available is a multipurpose hall whose badminton courts are used by the youth and adults to play badminton at night. Numerous activities are held in the hall each year including the Jalur Gemilang Merdeka Kembara Programme and other celebrations. Often times, the villagers organise wedding ceremonies at the hall during the weekends. Apart from a complete audio system, the multipurpose hall has 20 tables and 200 chairs. The rental for using the hall is RM170.00 per day.

Although there are various infrastructures available, Pekan Kecil Engkilili has yet to have accommodation facilities such as homestay, chalets or hotels. Usually, visitors to Engkilili will spend the night at a hotel in Sri Aman, one of the convenient places to visit whenever in Engkilili. Previously, there was a resthouse in Engkilili that was used as a temporary lodging for government officers assigned there. However, the three bedroom house equipped with a dining area and kitchen was disused and since October 2008 converted into a temporary administration centre for the Office of Daerah Kecil Engkilili until the construction of a new building in front of the district office in completed. (Last Update: 25 May 2009)


Various Facilities Provided

Just like the other areas in the state, Engkilili has been developing for the past 10 years. Various development projects have been undertaken ever since the Daerah Kecil Engkilili Rural Small Project was introduced in 2000. These projects include the Village Roads, Electricity Supply, Bridge and River Cleaning projects. According to record, the district received a total allocation of RM955 thousand in 2000 of which RM267 thousand is from the state government and RM688 thousand from the Federal Government. About RM435 thousand was meant as the parliamentary member allocations (outright grant) while the remainder was utilised for other listed development projects.

Among the earliest development project in 2000 were the belian bridge repair works at Kampung Merio Sedan and the cement roads at Kumpang Paoh, both of which amounted to RM90 thousand. The approval of RM105 thousand for the bridging of electricity supply and the additional RM1.3 thousand in pre-emptive package by the Federal Government had made possible the continuance of development in Engkilili. The pre-emptive budget involves the allocation made for village roads project, jetty, electricity, long house facilities, religious and resource centre. The state government had provided an allocation of RM20 thousand for the building materials cost in the area. Among the projects conducted in 2001 were the upgrading projects of Jalan Rh Sujang (Sedarat Salin), Rh Ulin (Sedarat Baru), Rh Assan (Sedarat Mawang), Rh Andam (Sedarat Simpang), Rh Engkabi (Semanju), and Rh Gerang (Sungai Keroh) which amounted to RM145 thousand.

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