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National Energy Balance

National Energy Balance (NEB) is design to illustrate the energy supply and demand balance reflecting the Reference Energy System of the country. The energy balance is a presentation of the basic supply and demand data for all fuels in a manner, which shows the main fuels being separately distinguished and expressed in a common energy unit. Both of these characteristics will allow the comparison of contribution each fuel makes to the economy and their interrelationships through the conversion from one fuel to another. NEB was carried out to cover a broad area in energy disciplines such as supply and demand sector in this country based on the standard format recommended by the United Nations. NEB will present time series statistical data on the supply, transformation and demand of commercial energy sources as well as providing a comprehensive support for integrated energy planning. Data providers for the compilation of NEB consists of relevant government agencies, power utilities, independent power producers (IPPs), private oil companies, as well as the cement and iron and steel manufacturers.

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Energy Smart

This quarterly bulletin will include articles from each divisions, which highlight on division's activities and special projects. It mainly focused on the current issues pertaining energy locally and internationally.

Quarterly Bulletin - Energy Smart
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MIEEIP Newsletter

The quarterly MIEEIP newsletter disseminates information on energy efficiency (EE) practices and technology applications to the industrial sectors. It mainly focuses on successful local and international EE project profiles and also the activities oh the MIEEIP

Issue 001
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