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Developed countries have introduced the Household Appliances Labelling and have made them mandatory to encourage general consumers and citizens at large to be efficient in their energy use at home.

It is the effective way to encourage the general public at home to be more prudent in consuming energy, in particular electricity.

Energy efficient appliances may cost a little bit more than ordinary appliances of the same capacity. But they consume less electricity and over time, the savings made from reduce electricity consumption would have paid off the initial extra investment.

Energy Rating and Labelling Programme for Household Appliances in Malaysia, where a household appliance is labelled with an Energy Commission label, with One-Star to Five-Star. One-Star Label being the least energy efficient and Five-Star Label being the most energy-efficient.



-       Introduce this programme as a voluntary measure, and choosing the refrigerator as the first appliance to be     subjected to the labelling scheme.

-       Refrigerators are used because it is found in almost every home and 97 percent of households in Malaysia. It is the most electricity consuming appliance at home which is operating continuously for 24 hours a day, and everyday throughout the year (survey made by the Energy Commission under the DANIDA Energy Efficiency/Demand-Side Management Programme).

-       Creating awareness on the existence of energy-efficient refrigerators in the market to general consumers

-       Encourage manufacturers, importers, and dealers of refrigerators to promote energy efficient refrigerators

-       Make more energy-efficient refrigerators available in the market



-       The consumers need more awareness and understanding of Energy Efficient appliances

-       The manufacturers and importers need more time to make such appliances available in the market

-       The Appliance Energy Labelling Programme and introduction of Energy Efficient Household Appliances would have to be enhanced in stages

-       The Energy Labelling will be developed from voluntary to mandatory, when the time is appropriate

-       For the appliances, it will further be extended from refrigerators to other appliances such as washing machine, rice cooker and among others.

Memorandum of Understanding on the Promotion of Energy Efficient Refrigerators (MUPEER) also the programme are held to reflect collaboration between government agencies, consisting of the Energy Commission, SIRIM, and the private sector consisting of nine importers and manufactures of refrigerators. It works hand-in-hand in initiating a national sustainable programme.

The Energy Commission also planning to prepare an Energy Efficiency Roadmap. This programme is providing a 15 years national planning, aspiration and goals on Energy Efficient. And the Five-Year Action Programme Energy Efficiency for the Ninth Malaysia Plan will be based on this Energy Efficiency Roadmap.

Awareness campaign for Energy Labelling and Energy-Efficient Refrigerators are the second campaign initiated by the Energy Commission on Energy-Efficient. The first one being High Efficient Motor, targeted to industries and want to ensure that all the objective will be achieves.