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GreenTech Malaysia was instructed by the Ministry to cooperate with international agencies in providing country’s energy data to publish world and regional energy statistical report, etc.

National Energy Balance (NEB) preparation are provided by energy suppliers and consumers in Malaysia consist of Petroleum Refineries, Gas Processing Plant, Electricity Power Producers, Energy Marketing companies, Primary Energy Production companies and Coal Mining/Consuming Industries on a voluntary basis.

As the population and GDP grow in the next few years, the overall demand for energy is expected to increase. Per capita consumption will see nearly a 20% rise by 2010, and energy intensity of the economy is also projected to increase. Total energy supplies are expected to increase too, with crude oil and petroleum contributions declining and natural gas and coal reserves rising.

The NEB is designed to present basic supply and demand data for all fuels expressed in a common energy unit. It serves as an important reference in formulating new policies for the energy sector. Key energy data and indicators allow policy makers to implement programmes to meet future energy demand and secure supplies. The NEB utilises the Malaysia Energy Database and Information System (MEDIS) that acts as an information centre for economic, demographic and other energy related data.

The NEB is a cooperative effort by government agencies, power utilities, independent power producers, private oil companies and other industries.