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Strategic Thrust 3 Intensify Human Capital Development in Green Technology
Skilled, qualified, competent and productive human resources are crucial to Green Technology development. This could be achieved through:
Design and enhancement of training and education programmes to improve human resource capacity related to Green Technology;
Provision of financial and fiscal incentives for students to pursue Green Technology disciplines at undergraduate and postgraduate levels;
Implementation of retraining programme and apprenticeship scheme to enhance competency of semi-skilled labour to meet the demands of the Green Technology industry;
Formulation of grading and certification mechanism for competent personnel in Green Technology; and
Exploitation of brain gain programmes to strengthen local expertise in Green Technology.

Strategic Thrust 4 Intensify Green Technology Research and Innovations
Research, Development, Innovation and Commercialization (RDIC) is very crucial in creating new technologies, techniques and applications which would be able to reduce the cost of Green Technology and promote its usage. Research, Development and Innovations (RDI) could be enhanced through:
Provision of financial grants or assistance to public and private sector in RDIC;
Implementation of Green Technology foresight;
Establishment of an effective coordinating agency for RDI and Centre of Excellence or new research institute for Green Technology development;
Enhancement of smart partnerships between the Government, industries and research institutions; and
Establishment of strong linkages between local research institutions and regional and international centres of excellence in Green Technology RDI.

Strategic Thrust 5 Promotion and Public Awareness
Effective promotion and public awareness are two of the main factors that would affect the success of Green Technology development. This is particulary significant as such adoption requires the change of mindset of the public through various approaches including:
Effective, continuous promotion, education and information dissemination through comprehensive roll-out programmes to increase public awareness on Green Technology;
Effective involvement of media, non-governmental organizations and individual stakeholders in promoting Green Technology;
Inculcation of a culture that appreciates Green Technology among students at all levels through the development of effective syllabus in the education systems;
Demonstration programmes of effective Green Technology applications; and
Adoption of Green Technology in all Government facilities and Government-linked entities.