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Strategic Thrust 1 Strengthen the institutional frameworks
In nurturing the adoption and growth of Green Technology, it is critical to have strong institutional arrangements to promote Green Technology applications through:
Formation of a Green Technology Council chaired by Y.A.B Prime Minister or Y.A.B. Deputy Prime Minister for high-level coordination among Government Ministries, agencies, the private sector and key stakeholders for effective implementation of the Green Technology Policy;
Establishment of a Cabinet Committee on Green Technology chaired by Y.A.B Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister;
Establishment of the Malaysia Green Technology Agency for the effective coordination and implementation of Green Technology initiatives and programmes;
Review and establish legal mechanisms to foster an accelerated growth of Green Technologies in line with National Objectives and Goals; and
Enhancement of institutional clarity so that all agencies are aware of their respective roles and responsibilities.

Strategic Thrust 2 Provide Conducive Environment for Green Technology Development
The growth of the Green Technology industry, either in manufacturing or service sectors, is critical towards fulfilling the objectives of the Green Technology Policy. This industry would supply the Green Technology to the local and global markets, create jobs and contribute towards the national economy. This could be achieved through:
Introduction and implementation of innovative economic instruments, supported by the necessary monetary and fiscal measures to foster an accelerated growth of Green Technology in line with the National objectives and goals;
Strengthening the understanding of local players in Green Technology industries and their value chain, including the supporting industries through various industries’ enhancement programmes;
Promotion of foreign direct investments (FDIs) on Green Technology which foster domestic direct investment (DDIs) and local industry participation and development;
Establishment of strategic Green Technology hubs throughout Malaysia, expanding from the core value chain to the upstream and downstream of the industry; and
Establishment of Green Technology funding mechanism.