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Short-Term Goals: 10th Malaysia Plan
Increase public awareness and commitment for the adoption and application of Green Technology through advocacy programmes
Widespread availability and recognition of Green Technology in terms of products, appliances, equipment and systems in the local market through standards, rating and labeling programmes;
Increased foreign and domestic direct investment (FDIs and DDIs) in Green Technology manufacturing and services sectors; and
Expansion of local research institutes and institutions of higher learning to expand research, development and Innovation activities on Green Technology towards commercialization through appropriate mechanisms.


Mid-Term Goals: 11th Malaysia Plan
Green Technology becomes the preferred choice in procurement of products and services
Green Technology has a larger local market share against other technologies, and contributes to the adoption of Green Technology in regional markets
Increased production of local Green technology products
Increased Research Development and Innovation of Green Technology by local universities and research institution and are commercialized in collaboration with the local industry and multi-national companies
Expansion of local SMEs and SMIs on Green Technology into the global market; and
Expansion of Green Technology applications


Long-Term Goals: 12th Malaysia Plan and Beyond
Inculcation of Green Technology in Malaysian culture;
Widespread adoption of Green Technology reduces overall resources consumption while sustaining national economic growth;
Significant reduction in national energy consumption
Improvement of Malaysia’s ranking in environmental ratings
Malaysia becomes a major producer of Green Technology in the global market; and
Expansion of international collaborations between local universities and research institutions with Green Technology industries.