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Renewable Energy (RE) resources are reliable, efficient and competitive when compared to more conventional technologies. Over the past few decades, increased use of RE has resulted in a substantial improvement in RE technologies. Industrial and institutional equipment - biomass boilers, photovoltaic panels, combined heat and power plants, and solar water heaters - can provide immediate benefits to many Malaysian businesses.

Here are some examples to illustrate the choices and effectiveness of RE solutions:

pointer Biomass Boilers 
These boilers produce steam from available residues such as empty oil palm bunches, fibres, shells or sawdust instead of fossil fuels. Combustion with excess air produces hot flue gases that also generate steam in heat exchangers. Making the switch to biomass can be done without any technical or quality problems and both foreign and local built boilers are available in the market.

pointer Palm Oil Industry Boiler
A modern biomass boiler made specifically for use in the palm oil industry allows local factories to burn raw waste efficiently, limit environmental emissions and maintain steady production supplies.

pointer Co-generation Plants
From a single fuel source, both electricity and thermal energy can be produced simultaneously for maximum exploit of fuel material leading to energy savings. Where traditional fuels convert only 35% to 55% of energy inputs, co-generation plants increase efficiency up to 75%.

pointer Solar Thermal Technologies
By tapping the sun’s energy to heat water or air, homes and commercial facilities using solar dryers or water heaters extract this “free” resource that meets big demands and provides even bigger benefits.

pointer Photovoltaics Technologies
These machines convert direct sunlight into electrical power. Imagine using freely available sunlight to produce year-round power to operate lighting and other energy requirements for homes, factories and offices.