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The National Key Indicators are a set of criteria to measure the success of Green Technology Policy and its initiatives. This would provide the Government a feedback mechanism and the opportunity to improve or strengthen the initiatives as necessary. The National Key Indicators below would be further refined into quantitative and qualitative key performance indicators (KPIs) for each Malaysia Plan, and annual plan for various Government ministries and agencies.

Initial reduction in the rate of increase of GHG emission, and subsequently progressing towards reduction in the annual GHG emission;
Progress of the rise in ranking of environmental performance by 2030; and
Improvement in air quality and river water quality

The Green Technology industry contributes a significant value and percentage to the National GDP;
Sizeable amount of investments are made in Green Technology industry through foreign direct investments (FDIs) and domestic direct investments (DDIs);
Increased number of certified Green industries and revenue in the country;
The Green Technology industry creates increasing number of jobs in the manufacturing and services sectors, as well as SMEs/SMIs; and
Increasing values of spin-off and supporting industries from the Green Technology industry.

More cities, townships and communities are embracing Green Technology and are being classified as Green Townships;
More Malaysians appreciate Green Technology and Green Technology culture becomes a part of their lives; and
Improved quality of life in Malaysia.