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Malaysia has a good mix of energy resources – oil, natural gas, coal and renewable energies such as biomass, solar and hydro. In 2002, oil reserves were maintained at 4.23 billion barrels, with 87.3% of gas and just less than 1,500 million tonnes of coal. Hydropower capacity remained at 29,000 MW.

Overall, Malaysia is a net energy exporter. The National Energy Balance, published annually by Pusat Tenaga Malaysia, provides statistics on energy data, focusing on the supply, transformation and demand of commercial energy sources. In addition, these vital statistics include information concerning greenhouse gases, key indicators and energy market data.

In 2002, Malaysia produced 37 million tonnes of crude oil. The bulk (87%) of that output went to markets in Thailand, Japan, Korea and Singapore. For natural gas, over 40% was exported to markets in Japan, Korea and Taiwan, most of the remainder used domestically for electricity generation.

Countrywide energy consumption totalled nearly 33 Mtoe in 2002. The transportation and industrial sectors consumed the largest portions at 40% and 38%, respectively. The largest portion of fuel consumed was petroleum (64%), followed by electricity (18%), gas (15%) and coal (3%).